The Church will be open on Saturday afternoon to receive fresh harvest produce, tinned and packet food and flowers for our display. All nonperishable food will be donated to the local food bank. Following the morning service there will be a fellowship lunch in the New Hall. Details to follow.


The Duaripara Family Development Project, Dhaka [Oasis Bangladesh], supported by Operation Agri, is an integrated programme comprising education, health, family well-being, community advocacy and economic development activities to give girls and their families the chance of a different future. £20 will provide a school kit for a child [ the majority of whom come from the slums] and the money given to our Appeal this year will be put towards these school kits. The kits are mainly for children at the beginning of their education.

Many children are unable to complete their education and leave school around thirteen years of age to work within garment factories. Over the past year the Duaripara Family Development Project, Dhaka has been able to educate 120 girls from the community through their centre-based catch-up programme
enrolment in local schools, coaching and support of older girls in accessing further education. The centre is convinced that more focus needs to be put on the catch-up element of the programme along with empowering families. They plan to enable more girls who are currently out of education to access it.
The staff team have negotiated with five local schools to give some free scholarships and subsidies so that girls from really impoverished circumstances can get admission. So far seventy-one girls have secured admission into schools with support or means to pay.
This Appeal gives us all an opportunity to help some of those who live in extreme poverty to have a chance of education which will make a great difference in their lives. All offerings other than the normal church envelopes, etc, will go to the Appeal.