Sunday 11th November 2018 is the 100th anniversary of the ending of the First World War, when the armistice or truce in the fighting was declared. This was an unusual war in which the causes, the means of battle, its scope and its ending were all chaotic and uncontrolled. This war above most of the last century reminds us of just how easily minor disputes can escalate into monsters that no-one can control. In times when negotiation between nations is being replaced by ultimatums, where nationalism seems to be ousting cooperation, and where compassion is replaced by threats, we forget the history of such events at our peril.

Remembering is important.

As a church we (with the other churches in Hanham) decided that it would be good to show solidarity with our community and share in the act of Remembrance at the Folk Centre. Already, the churches agreeing this has created quite a stir and a lot of interest in what the churches are doing. 


The service begins at the War memorial, at the front of the Folk Centre on the High Street at 10:45, leading up to the Two Minutes Silence, at 11:00. It will last for about 45 minutes. You can still park at the church and walk along to the Folk Centre, or, if mobility is an issue for you there is some parking at the Folk Centre. There will be seating available, but we request that you are sensitive and make sure that older people and those who need to sit do get seats (I have a feeling that the organisers could be surprised by the number of people who attend the churches). 

At the moment the weather looks showery (with a 30% chance of rain), so it would be wise to wear some wear weather gear or take an umbrella. There will be coffee and tea available in the Folk centre after the service. 

In the afternoon we will be attending the Act of Remembrance at the URC Tabernacle (Tabernacle Road) which begins at 4pm. This will be a lighter form of remembrance, more akin to the Saturday night one in London. There will be contemporary music and readings which will lead into a time of worship. 

For both of these please come if you can.